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How do I import CorelDRAW DXF files into StyleCAD? 

Importing AutoCAD DXF Files into StyleCAD

StyleCAD has the ability to import CorelDRAW DXF files directly, as long as the DXF file contains the standard Polyline, Line and Bezier curve commands.  Other complicated Splines are not yet supported by StyleCAD.  

Here is the typical procedure for importing a CorelDRAW DXF file into StyleCAD. 

    1. CorelDraw's DXF File Export - Export DXF file from CorelDraw. 

    2. StyleCAD DXF File Import - Import the exported DXF file in StyleCAD. 

    3. Ungroup Grouped Lines - Select all grouped line and perform UNGROUP command. 

    4. Join Polylines - Perform Join Polyline on separate sections to create the pattern outline. 

    5. Convert to Pattern - Perform CONVERT TO PATTERN to convert the joined pattern outline to a valid pattern. Select All internal lines and do GROUP. 

    6. Save As Original > Point Reduction - Save a copy of the current pattern as original pattern then optionally perform Point Reduction to reduce the number of points. 

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