Import/Export Questions

How do I import Gerber Plot files into StyleCAD? 

Importing Gerber Plot Files

 Please follow the steps below. They are broken up into two sections: "Gerber Export" and "StyleCAD Import." 

    Part 1: Gerber Export 

    1. Create a folder using Windows Explorer where you want the HPGL files to be saved. For example, create a folder on the C: drive called PLOTFILES 

    2. Start AccuMark Utilities/Configuration/Dos File Configuration 

    Plot File Type = HPGL 

    Plot Destination Path: Path must be set so that the HPGL files are sent to the correct folder (for example:  C:\PLOTFILES\

    3. Outputting AccuMark HPGL files: 

    AccuMark Explorer/Choose the piece or pieces you want to convert.  They should be highlighted in blue.  Right-click over the blue area and select Send to Plotter

    The Plot Destination should be set to DOS. 

    Fill out the Annotation Table and Piece Plot Parameter Table. 

    Sizes to Plot: Type in the correct size. Then press OK

    Note: A major issue with importing plot files from Gerber is that their plot files often contain non-standard objects such as text and corner diamonds. To properly import these files into StyleCAD, it is important to disable these non-standard objects before creating the plot file. 

    Below are examples of items that should be disabled: 


    Part 2: StyleCAD Import 

    1.  In PDS, select the working folder by going to File -> Set Current Folder. 

    2.  Create a new style file by going to File -> New Style.  Enter the style name and other optional information. 

    3.  Select the plot file you'd like to import by going to File -> Import External File -> Import Plot File.  

    4.  The Plot file selection menu appears.  You can select multiples files from here.  

    5.  Select the import options (see image below). 


    Select Gerber Plot Format.  If the Imported Graded option is selected, the plot file is assumed to contain the nested plot of a graded pattern.
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