Import/Export Questions

Exporting AAMA DXF/RUL files from Gerber Accumark.

Exporting AAMA DXF/RUL from Gerber version 8

In Gerber, we experience errors often when AAMA DXF/RUL files are exported. Because of these errors the Rul file if often not produced and only DXF file is produced. This DXF file will contain the base size shape only. So we recommend the GERBER user to use StyleCAD's Import GEBER TMP file or Import Style from GERBER Data folder options. 

    1. Choose AAMA (Rul file is created automatically). 

    2. Select the storage folder containt the model to export. 


    3. Select the notch type. 


    4. Select the Model. 

    5. Select the destination folder. 

    7. The DXF file name follows the Source file name and may be renamed. 

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