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How do I import StyleCAD DXF/RUL files into Gerber Accumark system?

StyleCAD DXF/RUL file import procedure to Gerber


  1. For the following discussion, Gerber Accumark 8.2.X or above version is assumed.  From the Gerber toolbar, start the Pattern Conversion Wizard.  DXF Converter was used in previous versions but it is known to be not as reliable.  If the Gerber company that you are working with or a Gerber support person can advice of a better/easier method, we would be happy to change the below information.




  1. Pattern Conversion Wizard.     Importing DXF/RUL file is a 2 step process.  First DXF file is imported and then the RUL file is imported.  Select "Import Style" button to import the DXF file.  "Storage Area" should point to the Gerber folder where you want the imported pieces to be stored.  "Destination/Source Location" should point to the folder where the StyleCAD DXF file is located.  Finally select the "Source File" to point to the StyleCAD DXF file.



  1. Config menu allows some option settings.  The following show a typical import parameters.




  1. The follwing shows the typical layer assignment and it agrees with StyleCAD layer assignment.



  1. Click the Process button to start the DXF importing after selecting the source file.



  1. If successfully imported, a message appears in the lower status line.     In order to import the grading data from the RUL file, place the StyleCAD RUL file in the same folder as the DXF file.


            Select the "Import Rules" button and select the RUL file as the "Source File."  Press the "Process" button. 



  1. Each pattern in the DXF file is imported as a separate digitized file in the destination folder.  In the AccuMark Explorer program, each pattern's digitized file must be 'Vertified' in order for the PDS program to open them.




  1. Select the temporary piece digitized files and using the right mouse menu select "Verify" command.



  1. A popup status window shows up and shows if the verification process was successful.


After the verification process, each pattern's piece data is created.     At this point, select the piece names (type is "Piece") and using the right mouse menu select "Pattern Design" command.


The Pattern Design program displays the imported patterns. 

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