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How do I change a pattern piece's marker group when importing into StyleCAD? 

Changing Marker Groups Upon Import

When importing pattern pieces from a DXF or third party file (Lectra, Gerber), it is sometimes necessary to change each pattern piece's marker group. Since importing and changing marker groups on several hundred or thousand pieces at a time can be cumbersome, StyleCAD allows the user to change the marker groups for each piece at the time of import. 

By following these simple steps, the user can quickly and efficiently change pattern marker groups while importing them at the same time.

In our example, we'll be importing Lectra IBA and VET files. 

1. First, start a new style file. If the user attempts to import external files (such as VET, IBA, DXF, etc.) without first creating a new style file, advanced style file functions (such as saving, and the graphics toolbar) will be unavailable. 

Note: If using StyleCAD 6.0, the user may skip step 1 as a style file does not need to be open when importing files. 


2. Select the Import Lectra VET Files option from the Import External File submenu in the File menu. 


3. Select the file you wish to import into StyleCAD. Again, in this example we're importing VET files, so we select the appropriate file to import. 


4. The files import into StyleCAD, and the user can track the real-time progress in the File Import Status window. 

Once the files import into StyleCAD, the DXF Marker Group Alias Conversion window automatically appears. This window allows the user to change the marker group for each imported pattern piece. 

The original marker group alias appears in the first column named DXF Marker Group Alias. The second column named Convert to StyleCAD Marker Group Alias allows the user to change the marker group's alias inside of StyleCAD (this can be considered the 'rename' column). This is demonstrated in Arrow 1 in the image below. 

Note: The third column is typically empty when the user does not create a new style file before importing files. If the user opens an existing style file, the third column will contain the marker groups already in existence. 

Once the new name has been chosen, the user can then assign the new name to one of StyleCAD's own marker group alias name (Self, Contrast, etc.). This is accomplished by clicking on the down-arrow button in the third column (demonstrated in Arrow 2 in the image below), which will cause the new marker group alias you just created to be associated with the StyleCAD marker group alias. This is demonstrated in Arrow 3 in the image below. 

5. Please be aware that columns 2 and 3 are not related to each other directly. This means that you can assign any marker group from column 2 into any StyleCAD marker group alias in column 3. 

In our example above, we renamed 1 into Self, then assigned Self as Self within StyleCAD. We then took 2 and renamed it Fusing 1 and assinged Fusing 1 as Fusing 1 within StyleCAD. The third step we did was rename 3 as Lining 1 and assigned Lining 1 as Lining 1within StyleCAD. Finally, we took 4 and renamed it Contrast and assigned Contrast 1 as Contrast 1 within StyleCAD. 

As you can see, you can rename the incoming marker group aliases into anything you'd like, and then assign that new name to any StyleCAD marker group alias you'd like. We renamed the incoming groups as familiar StyleCAD names, just for the sake of avoiding confusion. 

Please note that for this process to work correctly, all incoming aliases must be mapped to a StyleCAD marker group alias. 

6. Once all selections have been made, press OK to save the selections and clear the window. The imported patterns will now have their original marker group aliases associated with StyleCAD's own marker group aliases. 

Note: This process is designed to expediate the marker group change process upon importing the external files. The user may also individually change each pattern's marker group by right-clicking on a pattern, and selecting the Properties menu item. From here, the user may change the marker group for each pattern. 
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