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How do I setup the ODBC databases for use with StyleCAD?

ODBC Setup

By default, StyleCAD sets up the ODBC (Object Database Control) settings when the StyleCAD software is installed. Sometimes it is necessary to manually setup the ODBC system in order to change or add a database. 

Although the process is straight forward, it is also very specific. When following these directions, please pay close attention to the spelling of certain settings, since StyleCAD depends on the correct spelling of these settings to operate correctly. 

    1. Select the Control Panel from the Windows Start Menu. 


    2. If using Windows XP, select Performance and Maintainance, then select the Administrative Tools icon. Then click on the Data Sources (ODBC) icon.  

    If using Windows 2000 or older, simply click on the Administrative Tools icon and then click on the Data Sources (ODBC) icon. 

    3. Click on the System DSN tab at the top of the window. If you wish to edit a database, simply click on the database's name and click the Configure button. If you wish to add a new database, simply click on the button marked Add


    4. Once the Add dialog box is open, enter the Data Source Name exactly as it is required by StyleCAD.  


    The following is a list of data source names recognized by StyleCAD, along with each of their functions: 

    MyRules40 - Contains the marker list for all styles used by the user.  This provides the quick marker info/selection list and contains information such as fabric yield, utilization, marker width, length, size ratios, number of pieces, creator, modified date, etc. It also contains the grading rule tables. 

    ImportRules - Used only by the StyleCAD File Utility program in order to import rules from a data base file received from another StyleCAD installation. After installation, this ODBC Data Source points to C:\Scad\ImportRules.mdb but could be modifed to point to another file.  So in order to import grading rules from another site, copy the MyRules40.mdb file and overwrite your ImportRules.mdb or copy the file in some other folder and make the ODBC Data Source point to that file. 

    PatternSpec40 - Contains Pattern Specification data. 

    StylePDM - Contains the Cost Sheet information.  

    StyleLog40 - Contains the company information, customer list, pattern name list, pattern description list, etc. 

    PlotReport - Contains plotting history information. 

    NOTE: For this procedure to work correctly, make sure the data source names are spelled in the same manner shown above in bold. If there is a problem in the spelling, StyleCAD will not recognize the data source file in the software. 

    5. Under Database, click the Select button. A file selection dialog box appears. Select the desired database to associate with the data source name. 


    ADVANCED FEATURE: If a database has been corrupted by the system or if any other problem has occurred with the database file, it is possible to repair the database association using this same procedure. Instead of clicking the Select button, press the Repair button instead.  

    6. Now click OK or Finish to exit all of the open windows. If the StyleCAD program is open, close it and re-open it to start using the new database file. 
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