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Please explain the types of intermediate grading points in StyleCAD Grading.

2 types of Intermediate Grading and their usage

In StyleCAD 5.0, we now have 2 different types of intermediate grading points. 

The user can right-click on any point to see the Apply Intermediate Grading option. 

Under this option, there are two different intermediate grading methods that are possible.  They are: Proportional to Curvature and Proportional to Distance. 

The default intermediate grading point type is Proportional to Curvature, and this option will appear in intermediate grading as the image below upon grading: 


If the user right-clicks on the grading point and chooses Proportional to Distance, then it will show up in grading as this image below: 


This new option was added because the users need to able to grade differently in different areas of pattern. For example, the users can apply the Proportional to Curvature method for areas such as an armhole or the crotch area. 
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