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How do I perform the StyleCAD Key Field Activation?

StyleCAD Key Field Activation

This section discusses how the user may purchase an upgrade for the StyleCAD program and activate the purchased module or a version upgrade without swapping the key. A typical scenario is upgrading the program from 4.0 to 5.0 or adding the advanced PDS module or the automarker toa standard StyleCAD system. The user purchases the upgrade from the local StyleCAD dealer, and then by entering a secret code received from the dealer (or SoftFashion USA) activates the purchased module on the StyleCAD key. This is called Field Activation and is available only to those keys shipped to customers after August 2004. 

StyleCAD license keys purchased prior to August 2004 must be returned when the program is upgraded. The customer will be provided with a new key that will be ready for future field >activation. 

In order to do the field activation, the customer must install the Sentinel 6.3.1 driver and the FieldExchange program. The Zip file containing both can be obtained from the dealer or downloaded by clicking here. Once the zip file is obtained, follow the steps below. 

Installing the Sentinel 6.3.1 driver and activating additional license in a StyleCAD program key. 

1. Unzip the file. Double click the file. When the window shows up, there should be 5 files. Drag each one onto your desktop or a folder.  

2. Run setup.exe by double clicking it. This should install the Sentinel Superpro 6.3.1 driver and fieldExchange.exe program. 


Press the next button. 


Press the next button. 


Press the next button. 


Make sure your StyleCAD key is removed from your computer and Press the Install button. 


Press the Finish button. 

3. Restart the comptuer then run the fieldExchange.exe program. In order to run the program, press the Start button on the bottom taskbar. Then move the cursor to All Programs buttom. This brings up another menu. Look for Rainbow Technologies. Move the cursor to the arrow next to it. The next menu shows up that says SuperPro. Keep moving the cursor to the arrow to walk through the next menu that says 6.3 and Tools. The Field Exchange Utility should be the first menu item after Tools. Select it. 


4. Press the Get Locking Code button on the Field Exchange Utility program. It should display an alphabetical text string. Copy the string and e-mail it to either your local dealer or 

5. The support team at SoftFashion USA will send back an encrypted text string. 

6. Run the fieldExchange.exe program again and enter the received encrypted text string into the text field above the "Update License" button. Then press the "Update License" button. 


7. A small popup message "Success!" should appear. If this does not happen, contact the local dealer for further support. 

8. Run StyleCAD. The purchased module will now be activated. 
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