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Are there any issues with using StyleCAD with Windows Vista or the Intel Core 2 Duo processor?

Issues with Windows Vista

We understand that users will want to install StyleCAD with Windows Vista, and perhaps with a newer Intel Core Duo or Core 2 Duo processor.

The primary issue with Vista is the enhanced security with regards to authentication and privilege settings. Most computers with Vista installed will come with a user account which is in the administrator group but does not have full administrator's privileges. This will limit the user account from creating or modifying files within certain system files and folders (i.e. Windows folder). 

To get around this problem, the user must access the Admininstrator's tools in Control Panel -> Computer Management -> Local Users and Groups and disable the user account while enabling the administrator's account in the User folder, then log back in as an administrator.

Vista might interfere with StyleCAD accessing/storing data in INI files that are located in the Windows folder.  StyleCAD stores user settings and Mac-code encryption string in INI files. If this becomes an issue, Turn User Account Control Off in the Control Panel->User Accounts page.

This will deal with issues of the Sentinel security system not recognizing USB keys as well as being able to update .ini files in the Windows folder.
However, we have noticed that Sentinel will not recognize parallel keys (perhaps it is related to 32 vs. 64 data bits). This is an issue that the StyleCAD developers are working to fix.

As for Core 2 Duo processors, we've tested the CPUs separately on a Windows 2000 platform and have had no problems. We then tested the Core 2 Duo on Vista Business and have noticed minor graphic flaws (probably related to driver compatibility issues) but have not observed any COM port problems. 

To get around one COM port issue, you can use a PCI COM port card or use a USB-Serial converter cable (Trendnet brand cables have been tested) which is easier and cheaper to install.
If the user encounters a blue screen after installing the COM PCI card, that is most likely due to an incompatible driver. The second way to get around one COM port issue is to use the USB connection with Calcomp-GTCO digitizers. Install the latest WINTAB driver from GTCO and use a USB connection.

Overall, we have not discovered any serious problem relating to using the Core 2 Duo processor on the Vista Business platform with StyleCAD.

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