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Numonics Accugrid Digitizer with USB connection?


Numonics USB Digitizers

1. You will need to install Virtual Tablet Interface driver (version 6.12 is the latest) that should've been included with your digitizer kit. 
Make sure that you install the driver for Numonics Accugrid series 3648 (USB).  It will be set at Numonics Accugrid series 2024 (16button)by default. 

2. Plug in both the power cord and the USB cable (unlike GTCO-Calcomp boards, you will need a separate power source to run the digitizer even when using USB connection). 

3. Open the digitizer windows in StyleCAD Grading.exe, select SETTING, DIGITIZER SETUP, and make sure WINTAB is selected in DIGITIZER SELECTION.  Close the program to allow the grading.ini file to update.  (Make sure you have the proper cursor button settings selected). 

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