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How do I setup a Lectra Flypen Plotter with StyleCAD?

Lectra Flypen Plotter Setup

StyleCAD can work with almost any plotter used for apparel design. A popular plotter is the Lectra Flypen Plotter, and StyleCAD can take full control over this plotter. Follow these simple directions for setting up StyleCAD to work with a Lectra Flypen Plotter. 


    Required Communication Parameters: 

    Frame Length: 14.959" (38 cm). Please look #2 if encounter problem. 

    Paper Width: 70.87" (180.0 cm) // 90.55" (230 cm) is maxium, 61" may also work. 

    Spacing: 3.94" (10.0 cm) 
    Port: COM1/COM2 
    Baud: 9600 
    Protocol: CTS/RTS 
    Parity: Odd or None 
    Stop Bits: 1 
    Data Bits: 8 

    To change the communication protocol from Lectra to CTS/RTS on FLYPEN. 

    1. Press VAL. ("VAL" means "Enter") 

    The screen reads "Mot de passe" (Enter password) 0123456789 

    Use the left/right arrow keys to enter 1994, the password. 

    Move the cursor to 0123456789 and press VAL. 

    2. The screen reads "Maintenance CNUM2.4* Language Systeme". 

    Press VAL 

    * If CNUM is 2.5 change Frame Length to 14.520 

    3.The screen reads "Parameters, Tests, Commandes, Etalonnages" 

    Press VAL 

    4.The screen reads "Pmachines, Pstylo, Pvitesse, Pconvoye" 

    Press down arrow key 3 times then the screen reads "Pdialogue, Pgain, Poption, Pcourroie" 

    Press VAL 

    5.The screen reads "Compensation elasticite: (Elasticity Compensation), Oui (Yes)" 

    Press VAL 

    6.The screen reads "Type de dialogue: (Type of dialog, i.e., Communication Protocols), Lectra" 

    Press right arrow key then "Type de dialogue: Lectra" 

    Now press the upper-arrow key to select CTS/RTS 

    Press VAL 

    7.The screen reads "Avance Continue: Non" 

    Press QUIT 

    8.The screen reads "Pdialogue, Pgain, Poption, Pcourroie 

    Press QUIT 

    9.The screen reads "Voulez-vous sauver (Do you want to save?)" 

    Press VAL 

    10.Press QUIT until the screen displays "Machine OK". 

    11. Turn off the machine and then turn it back on. 

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