StyleManager is a utility program that allows management of photos, designer sketches, spec sheets, production sheets, cost sheets with StyleCAD style and marker database. It also provides access to style data and marker data to designers, production managers, sales staff and anyone who needs access to CAD data. In a typical company, staff members other than pattern makers, graders and marking experts need constant access to CAD data such as marker yields, pattern data, plot history etc.

By installing StyleManager at a staff member's PC, he/she gains access to the CAD data over the network. Many companies maintain spec sheets, production sheets and cost sheets in their own Excel spreadsheet files. StyleManager supports the company's own file format. It supports up to 20 unique spreadsheet formats allowing flexibility. StyleManager can be configured to store photos and other information in the spec sheets, cost sheets, pattern charts etc. for easy access to all staff members.

StyleCAD was founded in 1996 and is based in the United States.
We are a leading designer of CAD systems, serving the apparel, furniture, industrial and automotive design industries.
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