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StyleCAD, a field tested, innovative system, helps companies solve complex development and production problems. StyleCAD is in a strategic alliance with a CAM equipment manufacturer to provide a complete solution from design, product development, pre-production, manufacturing, and assembly.

StyleCAD is an adaptable solution to the challenges you face. It can help you respond faster to design changes, produce patterns accurately, create efficient markers, and improve fabric utilization.

StyleCAD is highly compatible with other CAD systems. It supports AutoCAD-DXF and AAMA-DXF importing and provides direct converters for Gerber, Lectra and Yuka files. Compatibility amongst international software is guaranteed, bringing about successful exchange of information with the international community.

Learn more about the many StyleCAD products that can help you meet the demands of the industry and respond more effectively.

Apparel - StyleCAD's apparel-design abilities are the best in the industry.  Users have created best selling items such as work wear, school wear, swimwear, lingerie, tailored garments, sportswear, corporate wear, and high fashion items.  StyleCAD can work with a wide array of apparel-related materials.
Furniture - StyleCAD ready for use to design and create furniture pieces.  With the best flow matching in the industry, StyleCAD allows the user to quickly design furniture pieces, and match them when using complex fabric patterns.  StyleCAD can work with foam, polyester, vinyl, velour, and more.
Industrial Materials - Showing its true versatility, StyleCAD allows users to create designs for industrial materials.  Users can create items such as various types of foams, flotation devices, insulation equipment, polymer objects, and much more.  StyleCAD provides a workable solution to guide the user through any workflow.
Luggage - The most complete software application for creating luggage and luggage accessories.  Items such as suitcases, hand bags, purses, brief cases, musical instrument covers, and specialty items can easily be designed using StyleCAD.
Transportation - StyleCAD applies its technology perfectly for designing and creating items for the transportation industry.  Users can create items such as seating, interior trim, carpeting, acoustic barriers, foams, laminated composites, and more.. - Inspired By Dreams


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